A Gentleman Dignity

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Assalamualaikum semua!

I'm watching "A GENTLEMAN DIGNITY"..Best!

The drama focuses on the four gentlemen, Im Tae San, Kim Do Jin, Choi Yoon & Lee Jong Rok, each of them supposedly portrays the ideal types of man that women like. Careers  and their love lives as the modern day gentleman's filled up the storyline. Their ups and downs in their forties as they go through success and failure, love and breakups and the strongest among all, their friendship.
Choi Yoon - Kim Min Jong ( Kila's claimed as hers already) : He is an attorney, bit shy but claimed smartest among them four gents, whom went through such hard times after losing his wife four years ago and trying to heal his broken heart. He portrays the ideal warm-hearted gentleman. Choi Yoon is the guy of Im Mae Ah's dream ( Im Tae San's lil sis).

Im Tae San - Kim Soo Ro : An architect who runs a now successful architect firm together with the other gentleman, Kim Do Jin. Tae San is in relationship with Hong Se Ra, a professional golfer aka Pro Hong, whom fought hardship and now enjoying her success as pro athlete. Im Tae San is against the idea of his lil sister and his best-friend getting together. He portray the ideal rough but soft hearted gentleman.
Kim Do Jin - Jang Dong Gun(mine!) : Still such a minam at his age, Kim Do Jin plays the ideal bad boy type of gentleman. One night stand is his common game. The business partner of Im Tae San, he also a successful architect now after three previous company went bankrupt due to his illness somehow. His world turns upside down went he met Seo Yi Soo,an Ethic teacher,whom he falls hard for her. Yi Soo however, has crushed on Im Tae San for quite sometimes. Thing got more out of hand when out of the blue, a boy-19 years of age,Collin, turned up and in fact 99.9 % of the DNA matched Do Jin's.
Lee Jong Rok - Lee Jong Hyuk : Cheesy and funny, he runs a successful 'Mango 6' cafe and also owner of a club which he runs in secret. The ultimate playboy with thousand of pick up line, he could get any girl easily. Just that he has a problem, he's married to Park Min Sook, the OMG super rich noona that find it easier to count her properties by block compared to unit,even in Cheongdamdong.

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