Move On?

by - 06:18

It has been a long time since i wrote my last post here! I don't think so that i am going to continue this blog, i don't have time bcs of school, reading, etc .. Asif jiddan. Well it is not likely that you are going to anticipate my post lol xD 

So.... i made a new blog using WIX . I really love but the new version just pissed me off :/ now it is hard to handle the html code here. I don't have to organize my own code in WIX so it is just fine for me. I made a new one to review books or book-talking! Hopefully it would be good, (ps. please pardon my grammatical mistakes, yeah i suck in writing ~ 

Heybara (Bookish Blog)

Syukran and bye-bye guys <3

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