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Sunday, 25 March 2018 ,02:44


Bahasa Melayu

I don’t study much for BM, I just rely on the practices my teacher gave in class. Usually my teacher gave us tatabahasa/komsas/karangan practices so I never do my own practices at home.
For karangan, I’m encouraging you to familiarize yourself with simpulan Bahasa, pepatah, bombastic words, and frasa menarik so that your essay would leave a good impression to the marker! There are enormous websites you could visit to get enchantment for your essay. Here are a few that would help you a little more,


For komsas, just understand the pantun/prosa tradisional/novel. Don’t need to memorize all the gaya Bahasa, persoalan, pengajaran, etc if you could fathom the content/story. I always try to understand a pantun/etc and familiarize myself with common gaya Bahasa such as asonansi, aliterasi, riversi etc and the same for nilai, pengajaran, persoalan. So when you are answering komsas you could just analyse the gaya Bahasa, nilai, etc from the passages given without having to memorize certain gaya Bahasa,nilai, etc for every komsas topic.



The same with BM, doesn’t require much revision for this, in fact I never do revision except for literature in the morning of the examination xD

For essay, the most important thing is your vocab and sentence structure. I was VERY VERY bad in English, but I get better as I read many English novels *welcoming you to be a bibliophile~  Also, I always interact with my internet acquaintance who loves Kdrama, Editing, Novels, etc! English is the international language so ofc we’ll mainly use English with the others, thus it would improve our vocab and sentence structures! Also, include many idioms and bombastic words to bring your essay to the next level!

Idioms such as all clouds has its silver lining, pink of health, the grass is always greener on the other side, etc.

Bombastic wordsInteresting – IntriguingUnderstand – Fathom, decipher__ lover - __ enthusiastExcited – ExhilaratedTired – ExhaustedAnd a LOOOOOT MORE that you could find in novel, wattpad, songs, kdrama subtitles, etc xDhttps://www.wordhippo.com/


I never do practices for math except after PT3 trial because my marks dropped dramatically (?) ceh XD
Math require you to understand every topics, you don’t really have to do exercise if you could understand it. MAKE SURE to be fully understand every topics before your teacher started to teach the next topic. In F3, I couldn’t decipher Indices and Algebra, I don’t even gave a damn about it and just leave the topics. Not until mid-year exam, a lot of questions from those 2 topics so I just pasrah jawab and got the worst mark ever in my entire life for math *cryingwithnotears.
That’s when I insaf and started to do practices after trial, such a last minute preparations lol but anyway it’s worth it since my mark become better after that Alhamdulillah! 😊

*math is so weird rn after they start to put alphabet in math like what in da world? *coping math with kepasrahan


Understand and memorize is the key! Couldn’t say much about sc, but that’s it. KBAT questions always pelik and never come across our mind, so that time, you need to pasrah (yes we need to be pasrah for all subjects hikshiks :’ ) , try to RECALL the topics you learnt learning and try to make connection out of it (?) Idk how to explain but that’s the main idea XD I always answer ridiculously but based on logic (eh how?) , and try to ELABORATE MORE so that your answers look like from a smart student lol jkjk, maybe your first point isn’t accurate but your later point could gain you mark? 

(anyway this is not like writing 2 answers for a question, DON’T DO THAT, just elaborate your answer so that there’s many facts and places you could gain marks!)

Pendidikan Islam

Memorize! It shouldn’t be hard to memorize since things we are learning in PI is practiced in our daily life! Like solat, puasa , we all must know the hukum, rukun, perkara yang membatalkan etc right? Also most of the questions are KBAT, so I always write in like 4 sentences or more, 


 Stick to that main 4 points and you could ace your paper! Be sure that your answer is logic and connected to the questions ^^

Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu

The hardest of all , I could understand your struggles for KHB :’
This require you to MEMORIZE , MEMORIZE and MEMORIZE! Don’t relay to your reference books, just use textbook! If possible, buy/photostat textbooks from f1 to f3, this would help you a lot in revising. Also, do practices of past questions (although I also lazy to do this XD). If you are a freaking lazy bum like me, do the practices your teacher gave with much attention! Usually teacher will always give a lot of practices, and by doing them, you would gradually memorize especially for the name/component name (eg, mesin jahit). Once you get a hang of it you would love KHB (kinda-lah). 

And let's say, if you go to bathroom/dapur and see paip/sink/compartments/stuffs that is wujud in KHB textbook , try to name the them in your head ! You would be excited and feel like you are the genius one that could name those stuffs whenever you see them #suweggg
Sounds crazy but, yes it is like that xD

KHB is literally about things around us, so actually you could do revision anywhere anytime without any book! Just like when you are sitting on the comfy sofa, look around, see screw on stuffs, name it, see the fluorescent lamp, name the compartments!

Also, use MNEMONICS/ACRONYM to memorize things easier. For example,

Haji - Hitam
Pak - Perang
Mat - Merah
Jual - Jingga
Kacang - Kuning
Hijau - Hijau
Baru - Biru
Untuk - Unggu
Kakak - Kelabu
Putih – Putih
·  +Emas +Perak

·  Got this from my KHB teacher <3

FOR PERDAGANGAN  & KEUSAHAWANAN (PK)Please memorize and understand all definitions, important stuffs, etc. The most importand is JENIS-JENIS AKAUN! Pk is the hardest out of 4 but try your best for it! ^^

ahh, suddenly I miss KHB even though it’s  a killer subject xD

History and Geography

YES YESS YES NO EXAM FOR THIS! People will say that for sej and geo, confirm A! But don’t take this too lightly, if you are lazy and don’t do certain parts, it is possible that your A would fly away! (this happen for some people I know!)

Please, don’t be lazy because this is the golden chance, you don’t need to memorize anything, just require your time and energy to write a lot of things! Choose a SIMPLE AND EASY TITLE, I made a mistake by choosing a hard and rare one (nak tunjuk unique sngtlah haih gedik) , but Alhamdulillah I managed to keep them in my control! But actually the pros of choosing a rare topic is that NO ONE COULD COPY YOU HAHAHHAHAHAH so I don’t need to create reasons or feeling guilty for not letting many friends to copy mine :’ *evil laugh
Well, ask your teacher first if the topic you chose is appropriate or not before going to the next step! This is CRUCIAL because someone I know had to DO A WHOLE NEW ONE after completing hers because the teacher suddenly deny her title, on last minute
Surf internet for more contents, REALLY EASE YOUR WORK! Try to be at a step further than the others, siapkan awal, don’t procrastinated/tunda. Because if you completed the assignment early, you would be in a huge relief! *then you could binge-watch KDrama at home HAHHAHA XD


Last year, our batch got unfortunate and have to present our assignment INDIVIDUALLY (not sure for this year but just in case…) Make sure to captures your assignment before hand it to teacher as a reference in the future when it’s time to present it because the gap between finishing the assignment and presenting it is quite long (maybe a few months?) so you would forget about it again :’. Prepare addition props for your presentation to gain more marks such as brochure, poster, pictures, etc!

Bahasa Arab

For those who are learning Arabic, need a lot more of hard work, time and energy! Kinda depends to your ustazah/ustaz. Alhamdulillah my ustazah (s) are very hardworking, concerning and jayyidatani jiddan! I have BA homeworks like everyday and extra classes every weekdays and weekend  (crying in the corner of room). 

I feel like I dedicated like 40% of my time for Arabic only haha xD Whoever take BA will know the struggle but DON’T WAVER! Because we are learning Lughatul Jannah for our dunya and akhirah!  All the hurdles, blood, sweat and tears are gonna worth it Insya Allah 😊 *notice the BTS reference? XD #army 

Final Week before PT3

Couldn’t comment much for this since I was in Jakarta for the whole final week because of some things. I only brought PI textbook, so I only study PI for the whole week xD Arrived at Malaysia 2 days before pt3, literally know nothing about spot questions/etc! It was really hectic but Alhamdulillah I managed to answer the questions ( although Sains paling banyak tembak :’ )

Usually teacher gives more questions, spot questions during the final week so be attentive, focus and alert to everything teacher tells you that time!


·  -Don’t skip your extra class (even if you are lazy appreciate-lah teachers that had to leave their family just to teach you!)
·  -Pay attention in class and do homework, then you won’t have to do self-revision!
·  -Niat  Lillahita’ala 😊
· - Don’t stress out! You still have a long way to go sweetie!


*picts are from tumblr, cr to the rightful owner

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Study Tips

Friday, 23 March 2018 ,04:26


Disclaimer –  these tips are based on my experience so it MAY COULD ONLY BE APPLIED to some people. But still, please do read this as I think these tips are general and suitable to most of you ^_^ 

1.Pay Attention In Class

This is REALLY REALLY CRUCIAL things to do because not all information are available in your textbook or any reference books. Especially if teachers are giving tips on how to remember any particular information such as giving you acronym/mnemonics technique to make it easier for you to memorize. For example is ‘mak velvet enggan makan jambu sebab ular nak patuk’ is the mnemonics for planets (in solar system) in order,

Mak Mercury
Velvet Venus
Enggan Earth
Makan Mars
Jambu Jupiter
Sebab Saturn
Ular Uranus
Nak Neptune
Patuk Pluto (pluto isn’t consider as the planet in solar system but just adding this to make the mnemonics look pretty Haha XD)

*anyway I got this from my friend who got this from her tuition teacher long time ago 😊

Also, when you are answering your exam questions and you can’t freaking remember what you memorized, sometimes you would recall back what teacher had told you in class so IT’S A REAL BLESSING IF THAT HAPPENS !

2.  Do Your Homework In Express

I’ve been practicing this religiously since I was little. HOMEWORK IS THE TOP PRIORITY OF ALL! (although lately I’ve been procrastinating a lot HAHA)

For me, when I got a homework, I would start doing it AT THE SAME TIME the teacher gave it if he/she is not teaching anymore and let us rest. Or even when the gap time between 2 class period. Sometimes you got like 5 minutes after a class ended for the next teacher to come , so I wouldn’t waste my time and just do my homework. Maybe when you read this you’ll think like ‘urghhh damn rajin’ but you gotta do it anyway because it is a mandatory ( unless you want to get punished walking like a duck on the corridor and quacking loudly :’) )

My class always ended on 4.30pm,bus always fetch us on like 5pm and I arrived home on like 6pm ( yes it sucks to be at school for like 11 hours a day :’ ) . So after class ended I always DO MY HOMEWORK AS FAST AS LIGHTNING because I don’t want to have homework at home so that I could binge-watch my favourite K-Drama (summoning all k-drama trashies babes).

If you do homework you wouldn’t have to do more practices or self-revision because homework is already considered as a revision (I NEVER do practices because I am a couch potato, it’s real.) 

3.               Be A Kind and Obedient Student

Have you ever wonder why you always get bad result even though you already give your all in studying? Well, perhaps you don’t have teachers’ blessings? Teachers’ blessings are really really really essential for goodness sakes. If you ever did wrong to your teachers, please plead for forgiveness ASAP. Same goes to your parents. If you are rude, always talk back in a harsh way, skipping classes, neglecting homeworks, etc, your teacher wouldn’t be happy with you, and it will affect your studies too. Even if you are a rude student but is a clever one, your success wouldn’t long-last.
That’s why even if you once had a thought ‘even if I do my homework I’m still a dumb person, why bother doing it?’, SHOVE THAT THOUGHT AWAY! Finish it before deadline and hand them to your teacher.

Also, if you bump into teachers at school or at public places, greet them, gives Salam, rose a sweet smile. Even the slightest good deed is counted by Allah Insya Allah😊

*Also, try to be a better person, stop cursing, don’t be arrogant and ignorant to others^^

4.               Find your way of studying

Everyone is different, so I am. Generally, there are 3 styles of studying 

a.    Kinesthetic
Obviously you need to do practices or notes. This is the hardest style because it require consistency in studying. If you are a kinesthetic  student, DON’T BE LAZY even though it is time and energy- consuming because it is gonna be worth it. Trust me, I’ve seen my best friends who do practices everyday and get to climb from the ground to the sky! And unexpectedly a flying colour results in PT3

b.    Visual
A bless for you because you could memorize things easily as long as it has significant features (?) and colourful. You could study using books with colour or via Youtube videos! And you could also do your own notes as it help you to memorize better if you do yours. So, read your note/textbooks thoroughly!

c.     Auditory
The bless of the bless of all (?) You need to focus in your class to listen to your teacher, play audio of studying materials, surf Youtube and read aloud when reading books. Somehow in the examination you will recall the voice of the question you are answering!

Personally, I am a mix of visual and auditory so I never do any practices (except for math, I started after PT3 trial because my mark dropped). So when an examination is just around the corner, I just read my textbook, that’s all xD

5.              Meditate

Don’t ever stress yourself with studying. Yes, you may concern your result but getting straight As doesn’t mean you are better than others and if you get the otherwise, it doesn’t mean you are dumb or lazy. So, you should be having fun during your high school time, especially lower secondary student, form 1 to form 3 because that’s the golden time when you still have all your friends, to play, to be crazy, to dance kpop in your class  act silly with your friends, to watch your favourite tv shows and a lot more. If you are busy with tuition, study by yourself in the corner of the class, you will REGRET IT. Alhamdulillah I wasn’t a really studious one ( just diligent in doing homework) so I get to taste the jubilant, sweet and unforgettable memories with my super-precious friends! Because you are going to be VERY BUSY when you are in upper form, trust me *crying silently as a f4 student

I never miss out any k-drama that I want to watch! Because they’re refreshing, open my mind to see the world in different perspectives, get to see eye-candy actors (the main reason tbh lol), escape from the hustle reality for a while, and most important, lighten and fill my heart with pleasure and delightedness! (same applies to novels >.< )

So, if you like to watch tv-shows, indulge in arts, read novels, read mangas/webtoon, fishing (?), video games, editing, etc, GO FOR IT! (but make sure you don’t use all of your time for them, just, do it to lighten your mood and keep your heart content 😊 )

6.               Pray and tawakal 😊

After you’ve done all of these, all you need to do is to pray to Allah. Do solat sunat such as solat hajat religiously. Istiqomah. Read Al-Quran frequently and pray to Allah sincerely to get straight As. Don’t be arrogant and ignorant to ibadah-ibadah.

 But, remember that straight As doesn’t really matter actually, what matter is the process and the hurdles when learning, gaining knowledge, lillahi Taa’la. Not all clever students get a bright future, but don’t let that to be an excuse for not studying! Because in Islam also, we’ve been thought that people with knowledge get higher rank by Allah S.W.T, Insya Allah.

So, don’t give up and fighting!

May the odds be ever in your favour

picts are from Tumblr

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Blogging History (2012-2017)

Sunday, 11 March 2018 ,04:15

Assalamualaikum and hello guys <3

Today I am going to write My Blogs History! I made plenty of blogs since 2012 (When i was 10 years old).

1 – Hebakamnur This is my personal blog and my first ever blog. I created this on Blogspot.com using custom template. Then, I changed into Blogskins which required html/css code to edit it. I love Blogskins better because I could add anything to my blog and the Blogskins provided are so beautiful. I used blogskins.com to change the skin. They are made by various users from all over the worlds. The skins made by Malaysian and Indonesian are the best because when I used Blogkins, it was like a viral to blogger at Malaysia and Indonesia. So, many codes expert made their own skins and uploaded them to Blogskins. I also joined ‘blogkins creator’ and created about 3 blogskins? Hebakamnur.blogspot.com got hiatus since 2014. I only posted 1 or 2 on 2015 and going to announce my hiatus soon. I posted many random things which I don’t remember what are they xD One of my best friend stalked the blog until the first post a few months ago XD That was very embarrassing because, you know what an 11 years old kid would write. Nonsense things, random, crazy, stuffs. And I was so obsessed with pastel back then so I didn’t change the skin from 2014 (I guess) until now. 

2 – Super Twin SisterI couldn’t remember the second blog I created. So this is not in particular order. I made this blog to write a novel by my best friend and I . That time, we really love novels especially Kak Ain Maisarah’s novels (local novelist). So we decided to write a novel together. The title was Super Twin Sister. We also made the boy version, Super Twin Brother. And the sequel which I don’t remember the title :3 We made each a blog except for the sequel so we have 2 blogs of novel. But it didn’t work out well and we ended up just wrote like, 2 pages? *laughing at myself

 3 – Photographer StudentI made my own novel blog which turned out pretty well. The title is Photographer Student inspired by Kak Triple S’ novel <3 I made it until chapter 7. Well it is a record! I think I made this around 2014 but stopped because UPSR . And I don’t have the passion to continue it after UPSR. Because the storyline is a bit bored and predictable (what do you expect from 12 years old girl XD). So I left it :3 and I won’t continue it. It is a loss actually but … well xD

 4. And…. I made a private blog which is like a diary. I just wrote there when something happened xD No one knows it is my blog and I don’t want to. But I prefer write on actual diary than a blog :3 so I rarely write there.

5. Hbkmnr (Tumblr)This is not my first Tumblr blog, but I will count it because I couldn’t find my first blog. Hbkmnr , actually my best friend inspired me to make new Tumblr blog containing my arts and designs. She is a good designers and I really like her arts. Unfortunately I don’t have Photoshop which is the basic of designing, so I need to give up my dream to become  a designer  ~ *crying in the corner of the room The arts I posted there are just a random one, I don’t think so it is called art XD I NEED PHOTOSHOP! IT IS LITERALLY THE BASIC OF DESIGNING I was once have Photoshop but my father deleted it and I don’t know how to download it back because it is one packet with my laptop. My friend told me she bought Photoshop from a shop somewhere but I don’t think so my father would bring me there. 

6. Actually I made a few other blogs for mm, some random things (it is private!) but I won’t mention it here because there’s no use . It is just filled with random things and might be nothing. So I count them as the 6th blog !

7. Heybara
The 7th blog is http://haeyba.wixsite.com/heybara ! Where I write any bookish/random things! I was inspired by several bookish blogger. And my biggest idol is Twirlingpages! I really love her blog. She inspired me to make one for myself :D So here is it. I found many obstacles in creating this blog. I always use Blogspot.com because it is just like my platform but they make like a new version of it and what for sure is we cannot just put codes as our wish. There is like a particular order in putting codes , so … that pissed me off. I WAS CONSIDERING whether I should use WIX or WORDPRESS. Wordpress is simpler than Wix but the template are so simple (oh my poor vocab xD). I think we can use coding too but I don’t really have time to start over learning from A until Z. Wix has beautiful templates but a bit hard to edit.I think Wix isn’t very suitable to make a writing blog/review because it is so hard to write in the blog and edit the back. It is like slow process / heavy (?). I don’t know XD I was about to MAKE A NEW ONE on Wordpress because I couldn’t open Wix for a week and It pissed me off (oh so many things pissed me off lol). I actually made a new one but haven’t design it because it is just boring . Luckily I could open Wix again AFTER STRUGGLING getting Wix again. I couldn’t open it on Google Chrome so I had to do my research and tried many ways until I downloaded Mozilla Firefox. So I use Firefox to open Wix. I still couldn’t open Wix on Google Chrome until now. Oh look, I made a long review xD  Sorry for you who have read this far :3

Last Thought
I hope I could write more reviews and stuffs on this blog <3 
It means a lot to me if you read them . 
And sorry for my bad English, I am not a native speaker and still learning to be better in English and other languages :D

*was written on Sept 2016

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